The vision – business side

In addition to the nonprofit archive, I also envision a new information business, with a sustainable business model, providing a new generation of interviews, reviews, thoughtful journalism and essays, documentaries. And ultimately not just publications, but also in-person conferences for artists and fans to rub shoulders. Elana’s original core Electronic Dreams group met in person, but only in one town. It doesn’t cost that much these days to get, say a hundred people to fly into a Vegas conference center for a few days. I’d like to see if something like that can happen within the next few years.

I see the business helping listeners find music they love and helping artists find their best audiences.

I wonder if a co-op marketing approach might be useful for many excellent but otherwise obscure artists to be able, together, to get more work placed in soundtracks, and to find new fans through compilation albums and online radio channels. I’d like this site to be an online hub to find this material.

Perhaps the co-op aspect, if artists are interested, could also include help to provide artists a state of the art technical platform for ongoing updates and better communications with their audiences. As the musicians are trying to figure out how to use the ever-changing Web, as new to it as everyone, it looks like several of the artists are using proprietary, closed-source, locked-in and limited web builder services. I feel this is ironic and unfortunate for those who, in their music, dive deeply into the technology to make brand new types of unique sounds and brand new styles – usually developed over many years, so it’s their own with great artistic integrity.

These are people who wouldn’t dream of wasting anyone’s time for a whole concert by doing nothing more than pushing the button for a Bossa Nova preset on a toy keyboard they found at the department store earlier that day. (Beep dit beep, beep beep!) I believe that their online communication deserves to be as high-tech and modern in its own way as their music. It seems to me there is no need for each of them to independently re-invent the same wheels or to be without current web features on a sustainable technical platform.

I think Elana would have been thrilled about her work expanding into these kinds of directions. Had she survived, she told me, should would have liked to have got another motorhome and traveled around to take extended time for more in depth interviews with people worth knowing about and celebrating.

With a paper format, Elana couldn’t include audio. Online, audio can be included. I see quite a bit of interest by both artists and fans in remastered and remixed versions of classic albums, now that audio technology is more available for a higher quality of presentation.

I also see that this genre is quite rare in that there is very little in the way of ad hoc collaborations between equally talented artists. I would love to ultimately have a production workspace to do remasters, to help with concert presentations (lighting and video design, for instance) and shoot and mix concert films, and even to have an electronic music studio set up for artists to drop by for unique collaborations in person, without having to relocate all their gear. All of that may be several years off, but I want to start thinking about it and planning towards it as soon as possible.

So the vision, like the music, the artists, and the audience, is multi-faceted, diverse, multidimensional, innovative.

The starting point, I believe, is the journalism.

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