How to help

I can’t do this alone without help.

This help can include moral support and positive kind wishes of encouragement. They matter a lot. Don’t underestimate the constructive power of “just” an expression of caring and good will!

Those who knew Elana, might have memories to share about delightful moments interacting with her. I would love to have those thoughts sent to me and, if it’s alright, to publish them.

Elana had a team helping her with reviews and editorial plans. In the same way I would like to find some people who would be willing and able to provide me with guidance and advice and perspective. I would love to have, as she had, an informal advisory board. (This doesn’t require going to meetings. Her advisory group had its own paper & ink newsletter. These days, we can have discussions online or with conference calls.)

Some people have a unique view from the inside of this artistic field – with their own views as artists, equipment makers, publishers, distributors, authors – as well as fans. I’d like to learn what they see as first steps towards the bigger vision. I’d also perhaps like to host guest articles and essays.

Some people will be able to help with introductions to other people who might like to participate.

Most of this help would be needed by anyone working to create a new generation of journalism as excellent as Elana’s. Because of some unusually unfortunate times of the past, help of all kinds – moral support, kind words, pragmatic ideas, funding, advice, referrals and connections – are especially important for me at this time.

Some people will be in a position to help financially, which still is an urgently needed type of help right now. I expect it will take a few months to meet my goal of having nonprofit and for-profit sides funded in a sustainable business model going forward. Until I can get that established, or, until my health lets me pursue and obtain a new day job – as I mentioned, I see one of these outcomes happening by mid 2016 – I need to raise about $250 monthly to prevent the archive, plus all of my and her personal effects from a lifetime, from being thrown away in a storage auction. I can provide the contact information for the storage unit to be paid directly, this doesn’t have to go through my hands.

To get to a healthier and more promising situation for rebuilding my health and career, I moved across the country with a couple of suitcases and shipped a few boxes of Elana’s papers; that was all I could do at this time. The remainder of the Elanic archive, including all the CD’s she felt worth keeping, and the remainder of all personal effects from my life so far and from hers, are now sitting in storage thousands of miles away. I would like to be able to go back briefly and put everything into crates for delivery to my new home town.


I also need to raise an additional $250 or so monthly for transit rides (train and bus), and the continuing phone and Internet service, to be able to reach out to those who could help me have a more stable long term basis for these new ventures.

My hope is that with several supporters this initial few hundred a month will not be an impossible financial goal.
As soon as possible, I then want to bootstrap the new nonprofit and for-profit organizations sustainably.

I see the nonprofit archive as appropriate for those in the industry to support, so as to preserve the legacy of their own transformative work.

I see a standard business approach as appropriate to sustainably fund a new generation of journalism, community building, and music publishing.

I envision these organizations as being self-supporting going forward… IF they serve the interests of the community.

One team of philosophers defined the difference between hopes and dreams this way:
A dream is a desired positive future that will not come true UNLESS unexpected developments occur.
A hope is an expected positive future what WILL come about, as long as the way things are going continue in the present direction.
Elana dreamed of better knowing the music and its makers. And unexpectedly, her dream became her reality.
She dreamed of surviving to better days, but the necessary unexpected developments did not occur to save her health.

Right now, I have dreams of a better future that includes more ways to share the joy of innovative music.
Also right now, I am up against some circumstances that have limited my time and options to fully act on implementing my dreams.

“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” So said Henry David Thoreau.

The castle is ready. I need some help with the bricks.

This site is on a minimal shared hosting service. It may not support a heavy load of interactive and multimedia content. Also it does not support encryption for any private message functionality or subscriber-only forums. I’d like to get it onto an upgraded hosting service.

I have the use of a friend’s up to date desktop computer and scanner. I would also like to update my clunky, heavy old laptop, so I could do web coding updates and light audio editing from the library or coffee shop now and then to prevent cabin fever.

Finally I would like to get legal and accounting help to set up Dreamcircle as a business with its own official structure, perhaps as a corporation or LLC. Finally, if possible, I would love to be able to work on the initial batch of scanning and uploads full time for a short term. There is a LOT of material to process.

“Make building blocks that people can understand and use easily, and people will work together to solve the very largest problems.” – from an online computer programming book by Pieter Hintjens and over 100 other contributors.

Can my dreams be turned into hopes and made manifest? Are these insights worthy of their completion?
The answer is not mine to decide.
The answer is in the hands of everyone else who might be touched by this project in one way or another.

Elana’s passing left a hole in the world of progressive electronic music. She cannot be replaced, but work as meaningful as hers could yet be done, and I’d like to do it. There are new opportunities here and new challenges. Will my ideas certainly work? Only if they are what the community wants now; or, if they get conversations started that lead on to even better ideas, jointly developed.

Please explore the site – and, if it feels right to you, help me honor, share, and expand upon the work of “the world’s greatest electronic music fan.” (I didn’t create this description of her myself, but I do believe it’s accurate!)

The creative success of her historically significant work was possible because artists and fans alike rallied around her. If her work is to live on, it will again be up to the community to decide that this is what they desire, that continuing the work is what they choose to find valuable. I see some of the pieces, but the solution to the puzzle rests with the judgment of the community.

Thanks for reading!
I welcome your thoughts.
email me at: christopher @

By mail:
c/o DreamCircle
2168 7th Avenue #1046
Anoka, MN 55303

(I’m in the midst of seeing if I’ll need to replace my sometimes flaky cell phone. If you’d like to continue the conversation by telephone, I’ll be happy to provide the current number in my first response to your email.)

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Best regards,
Christmas Eve, 2015