John Serrie

Musician John Serrie is the featured interview subject of Dreams Word #9.

His official web site is

This under-construction summary of his musical biography was written by Christopher in 2015, from published interviews. Mistakes are entirely due to misinterpretations by Chris. I have never met John. I hope to soon be in touch with him, as his web site includes links to his interviews.

John is from Atlanta and composes using synthesizers, which he originally learned to operate without a keyboard attached. He also can play guitar, but I don’t know if that is a tool for his space music or was only part of his teenage rock ‘n roll years.

His early musical biography is well covered in the Dreams Word interview, and his subsequent musical biography and aviation interests are well covered in his personal site. I recommend visiting them both for a fairly complete picture of where he came from and where he is going with his uplifting musical career.