Elana’s saying:

The future is ours to create.

Steve Jolliffe quotes:

I have always been into Biography particularly Autobiographies. I really believe everybody should tell their story. Its not so much about what you do or who you become, but how you deal with the cards that are laid out to you. I feel it would have been a shame to have left my story untold.

Listening is an art form.

For me, life is far to short not to take the path that feels the most natural. I believe in the individual and for people to say what they truly feel. Creativity is a part of life, an expression of our thoughts and emotions. It is the individual’s cry for freedom. There is no end to it. Composition is a way of organizing sound to use as a tool for self expression.

Michael Stearns quotes:

When you stop your role-playing, all the energy it takes to maintain those expectations is released and is available for creativity.

Music emerged from the people of Earth in an integrated holistic way. It came from the fabric of all aspects of life, from birth through death, the space between, acknowledgement of ancestors and the world we live in.
As individuals, cultures and as a species, music is a carrier for the “stories” that we tell ourselves. Through these “stories”, we continually re-create our lives and the unconscious patterns that have been handed down to us through the generations.
Music can also provide an immersive context to lose oneself in, to lose one’s sense of separation. It can open doorways into what it means to be human beyond our personal, cultural and historic definitions, carrying the listener/participant on a flight of becoming.

John Serrie quote:

The human heart is elemental to our very existence. We are all different people but our spirits are the same. When somebody is expressing something from the deepest part of themselves, other people can automatically feel it. Maybe they won’t be able to recognize it consciously, but there is a connection that says “Oh, that just feels so right!”