The Bannister

Michael Stearns had his first live concert performance of his music in ten years at Ambicon 2013. His electronic music performance rig included at least two synthesizers, two computers, an electric guitar, and more. In his introductory remarks before he started his music, he said that he had set out his flutes on the bannister, all ready to take on his trip, but in his very early morning departure from his home to the airport, he forgot to take them. He asked the audience to bear with him since the flute parts would be missing from the pieces that should have had them.

I have made similar accidental oversight mistakes. I think most people have.

I propose that in the field of electronic music production, the term “on the bannister” be used to refer to any musical element, whether an instrument, a part, a song, etc., that is completely ready for use, and fully intended to be used, and yet left out for no reason other than a momentary accidental oversight. I also propose that the term “taken down from the bannister” be used to refer to the overlooked item being included again at the next opportunity, such as the next song, the next concert, a future album, etc.