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I can be reached by email: christopher @

By mail:
c/o DreamCircle
2168 7th Avenue #1046
Anoka, MN 55303

I’ll provide telephone contact information on request. I am in the midst of seeing if I’ll need to replace my flaky cell phone or switch phone numbers in my new town. Until that’s figured out, I don’t want to publish a number that might go away.

If you would like me to call you, please be sure to include your time zone (I’m in U.S. Central Time) and a couple of different times that would be good for you. Calls anywhere in the continental U.S. are free for me to make.

What could be helpful?

1. Any personal heartfelt comments.

Let me know if I may publish them, with credit or anonymously as you prefer.
I will not publish or forward your words or contact information without your specific permission.

2. If you were involved with the creative and fan scene in the past, such as creating a newsletter or radio show – or if you are now active – may I post some of your own works as part of the archive?

3. Suggestions are welcome for the wish list of how this site can become a substantial hub for communications in the current community of progressive electronic music (and other innovative arts), for fans and creators alike.

4. Specific how-to ideas for me to consider as examples of well done work I can use as models, templates or inspiration for this site, along with specific technical, legal and financial details about what is involved.

5. My own expertise, knowledge and skill base includes computers, web and online database software, audiovisual technology, business development and marketing. In addition to providing a free information site for all to enjoy, I would like to offer some kind of paid services for artists and audiences to better connect and communicate. I would welcome any comments about what type of services seem to be missing or hard to find in the current environment, as the potential basis for a new business that could fund expansion of this site.

6. If it’s comfortable to contribute financially, I could use some assistance dealing with my move, and the technical and business aspects of this site.

To get to a healthier and more promising situation for rebuilding my health and career, I moved across the country with a couple of suitcases and shipped a few boxes of Elana’s papers; that was all I could do at this time. The remainder of the Elanic archive, including all the CD’s she felt worth keeping, and the remainder of all personal effects from my life so far and from hers, are now sitting in storage thousands of miles away. I would like to be able to go back briefly and put everything into crates for delivery to my new home town.


This site is on a minimal shared hosting service. It may not support a heavy load of interactive and multimedia content. Also it does not support encryption for any private message functionality or subscriber-only forums. I’d like to get it onto an upgraded hosting service.

I have the use of a friend’s up to date desktop computer and scanner. I would also like to update my clunky, heavy old laptop, so I could do web coding updates and light audio editing from the library or coffee shop now and then to prevent cabin fever.

Finally I would like to get legal and accounting help to set up as a business with its own official structure, perhaps as a corporation or LLC. And, if possible, I would love to be able to work on the initial batch of scanning and uploads full time for a short term. There is a LOT of material to process.

For a more detailed look at what I envision for the future of this site, I have a series of essays starting here. To explore what I’ve been able to post so far of the archive and some essays to provide context on the history, please explore the drop down menus at the top of each page (right below the banner picture) – or start with the Dreams Word archive which I’ve begun to upload.


Thank you for reading.
I look forward to hearing from you!

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Best regards,

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