Tangerine Dream

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Based in Berlin, Tangerine Dream is one of the most influential, long-lived and commercially successful progressive, mostly instrumental electronic music bands, with a variety of personnel lineups through the years. It was a primary, profound and enduring motivation for Elana‘s love of progressive instrumental electronic music and her work with Dreams Word.

The band’s official web site is http://www.tangerinedream-music.com/index.php.

The first version of the band split up. Edgar Froese then formed a new version with Steve Jolliffe and a reportedly dangerous drummer named Sven (dangerous from his habit of throwing cymbals with sharp edges). Sven was soon replaced by Klaus Shultze.

After a while Steve decided to leave the band and return to his native England. During the drive to his final gig with TD, equipment tied to the roof of the car, including Steve’s saxophone, fell off along the highway and was destroyed.

Steve mentioned to Edgar that Steve was impressed by TD’s Rubycon album that included Peter Baumann.
When Peter Baumann left the group, Edgar invited Steve to rejoin, which he did.
Klaus Krieger was also brought in at that time, for the Cyclone album.
The very successful tour included a sold out run at the Hammersmith Odeon.
After that tour, Steve left the band to return to England and enter a phase of making music without electronics.

Steve Jolliffe was in the band twice and discussed these experiences with Edgar Froese’s leadership, and working in the band with Klaus Schultz and Chris Franke, in Steve’s featured interview in Dreams Word #16.
Steve also discussed TD in a 1993 interview with Christopher Lawless posted to Steve’s site.

A 2005 interview with Tobias Fischer, posted to Steve’s site, concluded with this exchange:

Q. We’ve done a whole interview without asking you a single question about Tangerine Dream. Does that make you happy?
A. I am grateful for the lack of questions on a band that really has very little to do with me.