On October 30, 2013, Elana very suddenly lost her several year long fight against cancer. Please visit her art site, www.AstronomyJewelry.com for details and memorial contact information.

One of many tragedies in her life was that the electronic music archive project could not be finished. I have her materials and hope to do this for her in the coming year, but could still use help. Immediate concerns are funds for the cremation and to keep the web hosting going. I can be reached through email at: memorial -at- astronomyJewelry -dot- com with any loving memories, anecdotes, stories, questions, etc. Please allow several days for a response. Please do not leave blog comments, I don’t yet know how to access them. Please do not use or contact her online payment service at this time.

The remainder of this site is as she last updated it:

Back in the mid 80’s to the mid-80’s I (Elana) used to be involved in the then-obscure electronic music scene.   The superstars of that era were artists and bands such as Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre, Klaus Schultz and Vangelis.   Other shining stars such as the late Mike Garrison, Mark Shreeve, Steve Roach and Michael Stearns ruled the scene, yet now seem to be almost forgotten (or just plain not as famous as they deserve) c0mpared to the golden era of electronic music.

Since this era began back in the 70’s before the Internet some fans responded by becoming amateur journalists, chronicling the scene as it unfolded.  In the USA, Jim Finch began the International Electronic Music Association in the late 70’s producing many issues of his SYNE magazine.  Over in the Netherlands, KLEM magazine was published regularly in the local language, yet succeeded somehow in spreading news of the scene all over the planet.

Other amateur magazines came and went, such as the “Contact List of Electronic Music” in Canada,  WAVES in Germany, Space Rider in England, Synthesis as published by Jason Marcewitz in Philadelphia.  Last but not least, from around 1988 to around 1996 DREAMS WORD was created by a motley group of friends known as Electronic Dreams in Portland, Oregon.

The publisher of DREAMS WORD is the same person who now is in charge of Dreamcircle.com.   My goal with Dreamcircle is and always has been to capture this lost history of electronic music.  I plan to scan my own work and the work of other english-speaking amateur magazines mentioned above into PDF and archiving them on this site.

In doing this, I have to deal with the fact that I am in a race between my ambitions for this site and the fact that I have late-stage breast cancer that has spread to the liver.  Chemo causes me to sleep up to 18 hours per day and I am sick the rest of the time.

Still this pile of amateur magazines sit in a box in my room every day, as if silently pleading to be put on the internet so that this era is not forgotten.  I hope to answer the call before I am completely, utterly, physically unable to do so – or they find a cure for my especially-stubborn form of carcinoma.

I plan to begin by archiving my own works and putting them on Dreamcircle.  Next I plan to scan Jim Finch’s impressive amount of work on SYNE magazine (which dwarfs my own by a large margin) and adding it to the archive.  (Thanks for the permission, Jim!)   Then in drips and drabs as permission comes in, I will scan and archive the miscellaneous pile of english-speaking ‘zines that came and went over the years back then.

Can it happen?  Let’s hope!  It helps that I spent several years working in graphics and I have an expertise in both Photoshop and Acrobat.  I can make these old, tattered amateur magazines shine.   I plan to make each page easily printable on your home printer so that you can reproduce these old works.

That is the hope.  That is the dream.  I hope to somehow again gather the circle of friends I had back then and together we can make this dream happen.  Hence the name “Dreamcircle”.

Expect that this effort will come with frustrating long waits at times as I deal with the latest damn-thing that my cancer serves up to me.  All I want is to be able to accomplish this effort before I must go to the next world.   Stay tuned for what happens next.  You’ll find out when I do via my upcoming blog.

Welcome to this dream.